– Custom Home Designs

– Renovation / Addition Designs

– Other (landscape, structures- i.e. gazebos, community signs, barns, etc.)


Custom Home Designs

We take pride in the ability to take your desires and needs for a new house and help you envision how it can come together to fit your budget and style, and, with very competitive pricing. We then produce documentation to build that dream home.

Renovation / Addition Designs

When designing a conversion to an existing home, there are many unknowns to consider. We try to steer you to avoid costly mistakes and save money on construction costs where possible. We believe that a renovation can end up being your dream residence without costing as much as a new home.


Over the years, we have had many requests for additional type structures. The feel and collaboration of materials is what makes these structures stand out. As always, we start with your ideas and provide a design that will meet your needs.